Bosses at Scottish Water have hit out over a “senseless act of vandalism" that led to sewage spilling into an East Renfrewshire waterway.

Earlier this week, the Barrhead News told how a blockage caused contamination at the Capelrig Burn, which runs through Rouken Glen Park.

Scottish Water has now confirmed the problem was caused by someone dumping plastic tubes used to protect young trees into the sewer network.

The company said its sewer response team was "horrified" to find a number of the discarded tubes, thought to have been pulled from nearby trees.

Ian Burnett, one of Scottish Water’s waste network managers, told the Barrhead News: “This senseless act of vandalism ultimately led to the local environment being harmed – ironic, really, given that the main purpose of the tubes was actually to help the environment flourish.

“The blockage caused serious implications for our sewer network, which was overwhelmed at this point and unable to cope with the build-up of waste water.

"Naturally, the sewer pipe burst, causing a discharge of waste water into the burn.

“It’s frustrating to think that this would never have happened had the tubes not been put down the sewer in the first place. Time and resources were wasted and the environment was negatively impacted."

Mr Burnett has urged people to “respect" the sewer network.

He added: "Here at Scottish Water, we work hard all year round and invest heavily in our waste infrastructure to ensure we can provide waste water services in a manner that’s respectful of our environment.

"We urge everyone to do the right thing and help protect nature.”

Scottish Water’s Nature Calls campaign urges everyone to play an important role in helping to protect the environment.

In particular, it asks residents to think twice before flushing anything other than 'the three Ps' (pee, poo and toilet paper) down the waste water network.

All other items, including wipes, should go in the bin.