Parents are being offered a helping hand to keep their kids safe online.

Children’s charity NSPCC Scotland has reached out to mums and dads who find it difficult to keep up with the technology used by young people.

Gail Sayles, local campaigns manager for NSPCC Scotland, is urging parents to be aware of the metaverse, where people can use a headset to access a ‘3D internet’ for a more immersive experience.

She said: “It’s important to know exactly what it is and what risks it could pose to children.

“The metaverse is an online environment where users can take part in activities which they might already enjoy offline or in the ‘real world.’ For example, people can watch a film at a virtual cinema.

“The NSPCC is concerned there is no age-assurance in the metaverse, so anyone can go online and pretend to be younger or older than they really are.

“This makes it easier for children to access inappropriate material or digital environments where they could be at risk – and easier for online offenders to groom, bully or abuse children.”

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