Keep Scotland Beautiful says its surveys show the problem of litter across the country is getting worse.

Almost nine out of 10 Scots believe litter is an issue that needs to be tackled.

The environmental organisation said that everyone has a role to play in ensuring our city and town centres and our communities are as clean and safe as they can be.

It found that public perception surveys suggest 88% of Scots agree litter is a problem across Scotland.

Surveys also found seven in 10 believe it is an issue in their own local area.

And it is not just our streets that are affected by litter with 80% of marine litter coming from land, according to Keep Scotland Beautiful.

It said: "Our Source to Sea week of action (September 3-11) is the perfect opportunity for everyone to tackle litter in their local neighbourhoods and also prevent it from being blown into streams or drains and making its way out to sea.”

Two years ago, Keep Scotland Beautiful set up clean-up hubs with the public and private sector to help people tackle litter locally.

There are now more than 80 hubs across the country with litter picking equipment and guidance to help people take action.

The hubs include a number in Glasgow in schools and community facilities.

Keep Scotland Beautiful said: “Across Glasgow we have been piloting an innovative community-focused education programme – Litterate – aimed to empower the city’s communities.

“Over the last three months we have been delivering training to council workers, and community groups and will also be delivering it to councillors.

“We hope to be able to offer this to wider audiences from the autumn.”