A BARRHEAD sports club has been handed a welcome boost, thanks to a new sponsorship deal.

The agreement between Barrhead Community Muay Thai Boxing Club and Balance Meal Prep will see all members being provided with uniforms free of charge.

Balance Meal Prep, which supplies healthy meals to customers across the Central Belt, is run by John Ross Morrison, who is a former martial arts student of Vinnie McWilliams, the club’s head coach.

Vinnie said: “I am absolutely blown away by the generosity of John-Ross and Balance Meal Prep. To come in and provide the students with free uniforms is a fantastic gesture and a game changer in terms of the club going forward.

“To be able to advertise to potential new students that we can provide free uniforms will be fantastic for the club and really help reduce any barriers to entry.”

John-Ross added: “When I spoke to Vinnie and he told me about the vision for the club, I knew I had to help out in some capacity.

“I trained with Vinnie when he ran the old Bad Boy Gym in Barrhead and I know how much of a positive aspect it had on my life as a student, so I was only too happy to help.

“What Vinnie is doing for the community is unbelievable. He could be running these classes as a business for himself, charging £10 and £15 for kids and adults, but he’s only charging £1 and £2. It’s phenomenal.

“I would urge everyone to go along to the club and take advantage.”

Club members meet at the Barrhead Foundry from 8pm until 9.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and from 6pm until 7pm on Fridays.

Anyone who would like more information or is interested in joining should send an email to euroboxing@hotmail.co.uk or get in touch with Vinnie through social media.