East Renfrewshire's MP has paid tribute to a much-admired peace activist after his death at the age of 92.

Kirsten Oswald spoke of her admiration for Bruce Kent, who was a leading member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

She also tabled a motion in the UK Parliament, in her role as chair of Parliamentary CND, to praise him for his work.

Mr Kent’s active opposition to nuclear weapons reached its peak during the 1980s, as the UK Government was committing to the Trident submarine programme and American nuclear weapons were sited at a number of bases in the UK.

He served as general secretary and then chair of CND in the 1980s and was an honorary vice-president of the organisation at the time of his death earlier this month.

Ms Oswald has been a lifelong opponent of nuclear weapons.

Soon after being elected to the UK Parliament in 2015, she was asked to represent the SNP at an event at which Mr Kent was the keynote speaker.

She recalls feeling "overwhelmed" at the thought of sharing a platform with such a prominent campaigner but said she was "quickly put at ease by him."

Ms Oswald added: “Bruce Kent was an inspirational figure to people in Scotland and across the UK and his activism undoubtedly encouraged many people to join the movement against nuclear weapons.

“His legacy will live on as long as people continue to fight against the immorality and waste of resources that nuclear weapons represent as weapons of mass destruction that must never be used.

“CND is again campaigning on the issues that Bruce fought against so strongly, with a UK Government pledge to waste £200billion on the Trident renewal programme and US nuclear weapons destined for RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

“Against the backdrop of the horrendous war in Ukraine, it is ever more vital that we work to remove all nuclear weapons from the world’s armouries and Bruce Kent will continue to inspire us in these efforts.”