Cops are witnessing a rise in anti-social behaviour among young people in Renfrewshire as the force comes to terms with the “post-Covid reality”.

Data shows public complaints of disorder fell by 26.1% to a total of 8,147 incidents in 2021/22, but police say that trend is likely down to the easing of restrictions and associated decline in reported rule breaches.

Within that overall reduction, officers are trying to tackle growing anti-social behaviour among youths - also considered a national pattern - following the relaxation of various measures intended to spread the curb of coronavirus.

Chief Inspector Rhona Fraser, of Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Division, told the Police and Fire and Rescue Scrutiny Sub-Committee: “[On] anti-social behaviour, complaints of disorder have decreased over the course of the last year.

“That’s mainly attributable to some of the high levels of reporting that we saw in and around Covid breaches particularly.

“While we see a reduction overall, we are seeing some increases in anti-social behaviour involving young people out in the community. And again that is something that we’re seeing nationally and it’s something we’re experiencing in this post-Covid reality.

“While it’s a national trend, we’re obviously doing our best to try and combat some of those issues that we are encountering.

“That’s with some real solid partnership working, including obviously the local authority, BTP, as well as some of our other specialist resources within the force to try and target the right places at the right time and really make a difference to some of the young people’s lives and also the communities in which they live.”

Last month, it was confirmed two marked quad bikes are now on patrol in the area as part of a joint venture between Police Scotland and Renfrewshire Council.