Two out of three adults think the Scottish Government should be doing more to improve public health.

A new poll said residents support banning all ads for tobacco and nicotine, limiting alcohol advertising, and bringing in policies to help make sure fruit and vegetables are cheaper to buy than unhealthy food.

The British Heart Foundation Scotland (BHF), which commissioned the poll of 1,000 adults along with Obesity Action Scotland, Cancer Research Scotland and Alcohol Focus Scotland, said that by 2026, obesity-related deaths could increase by 10 per cent.

David McColgan, of BHF, said: “We have already waited too long and the Scottish Government must now sit up and listen and deliver a comprehensive public health Bill urgently.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said improving health was a priority. They introduced minimum unit pricing for alcohol, will restrict promotion of foods high in fat, sugar or salt, and were consulting on mandatory calorie labelling.

He said they were also refreshing their tobacco action plan.