Efforts are being made to help people stay safe around East Renfrewshire’s reservoirs this summer.

There are concerns that, as warmer weather arrives, reservoirs will be a tempting destination for those who are keen to cool off.

Now the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is reminding local residents that open water can be dangerous.

Deputy Assistant Chief Officer Alasdair Perry, SFRS head of prevention and protection, said: “We must educate the public about the risks involved in swimming or playing in water.

“Anyone of any skill and experience level can find themselves in difficulty and we would encourage everyone to educate themselves and those around them to stay safe.”

Deep, cold water is a particular danger at reservoirs, which are working parts of Scottish Water’s infrastructure.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s chief operating officer, said: “W hile the water may look harmless, there are hidden dangers.

“We are reminding parents to keep their children safe and asking adults to act responsibly around reservoirs and other watercourses.”

For more information, visit scottishwater.co.uk/watersafety.