Advice has been issued to holidaymakers who are worried that airport staff shortages will leave them grounded.

There were long queues at Glasgow Airport last week, causing frustrating delays for passengers.

And a string of cancellations at airports across the UK has left many holidaymakers distraught.

It comes as the aviation industry struggles to cope without workers who were made redundant at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Advice Direct Scotland has issued guidance for travellers to make them aware of their rights if their flight is cancelled or they are held up for long periods.

Those facing delays of two hours or more for short-haul flights may be entitled to the likes of free meals and refreshments, as well as free accommodation or hotel transfers if an overnight stay is required.

For medium-haul flights of two to four hours, the delay must be three hours or more to claim compensation, rising to four hours for long-haul journeys.

If the delay lasts longer than five hours, customers may be able to choose between being rerouted on a different flight or getting a refund.

Colin Mathieson, of Advice Direct Scotland, said: “With flights being cancelled and delayed by airlines, it is important for people to understand their rights in relation to the refunds, compensation and assistance they are entitled to and how to go about claiming it.

“We have published an overview of some of the most commonly-asked questions on our website.”

A spokesman for Glasgow Airport said it has been at its busiest for more than two years as passenger demand increases.

He added: “Our teams are working extremely hard and we would ask passengers to ensure they come prepared for security inspection and, crucially, arrive at the airport as per their airline’s stated check-in opening time and not before.”