Include Me 2 Club’s Family Fun Day at the bank holiday weekend proved a roaring success.

Around 5,000 people turned up to Cowan Park to enjoy the entertainment, funfair, and stalls.

Paul McIlvenny, co-founder of IM2C, said: “We did not expect that many people to show up - at most we expected half that number. Other than the fun fair everything else was provided because of the budget that was donated.

“We were acutely aware that our core membership is people with disabilities and people with no expendable budget.

“I was walking round the event, and there were families who were watching the entertainment who were hesitant letting their kids do things because of cost, so we distributed some free tickets so kids could take part and there were no financial barriers ruining their fun day out.”

People travelled from far and wide to enjoy the sunny bash, and the itinerary was full of local talent putting on a show.

Below is a video taken by Paul at the event that was shared on the IM2C Facebook page:

Clyde 1 Breakfast Show host Cassi Gillespie also made a surprise appearance to open up the event and welcome everyone into the park by playing some tunes.

Organisers had been given cash to help mark the Platinum Jubilee and Paul said: “If you celebrate the Queen or if you don’t, it was still an amazing day. We had a bake sale where the winner was crowned King or Queen of Barrhead to tie into the jubilee celebrations and for a bit of fun.”

Paul added: “The weather lined up perfectly, and the nature of the world and cost of living right now is making life hard for lots of local families so having an event that size in the local community was beneficial.

“It was easy to get to and free to attend, I saw people catching up and hugging because they were seeing each other for the first time since before pandemic.

“This was what Barrhead needed, a great community event that brought everyone back together.”