More funding is to be ploughed into services that enable elderly people to receive medical treatment in their own home, rather than in hospital.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde will be able to apply for a share of a further £3.6million being made available nationwide to support the expansion of the Scottish Government’s Hospital at Home scheme.

It is hoped the extra funding will help the service, which aims to reduce hospital admissions for older patients, double its current capacity.

Those using the service are able to receive treatments such as oxygen supply or intravenous drips without taking up a hospital bed.

Access to hospital tests under the care of a consultant is also available.

The Scottish Government has said evidence shows that those benefitting from the service are more likely to avoid stays in hospital or care homes for up to six months after a period of acute illness.

Providing treatment to elderly patients in the comfort and familiarity of their own home can mean they can maintain their independence for longer.

The service also ensures that pressure on hospital beds is alleviated at a time when NHS staff are having to cope with problems caused by the Covid pandemic, as well as delayed discharges that put resources under further strain.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said: “Hospital at Home is one of the many ways we are providing more care in the community and reducing pressure on hospitals.

“From the success of the scheme so far, we can see that there is a real benefit to treating people at home where possible.

“We know that frail patients tend to occupy hospital beds for a longer period of time and that is why we are expanding the scheme.

“In reducing the number of prolonged hospital stays, we will free up more hospital beds.

“With additional funding, all health boards can apply for money to either develop or expand their services, with the aim of doubling the capacity of Hospital at Home by the end of this year.”