Voters in East Renfrewshire went to the polls yesterday to elect their councillors for the next five years.

Polling stations across the area opened at 7am, with residents able to cast their vote until 10pm last night.

No party can secure a majority in East Renfrewshire, as they aren’t standing enough candidates.

An SNP and Labour coalition, joined by independent Danny Devlin, has controlled the council for the last two terms.

The state of the roads in the area was the main concern raised by voters attending the polling station at St Ninian’s High School, in Giffnock.

Local resident William Jamieson said it was a “great place to live” but criticised the roads network.

He added: “The roads are shocking, absolutely shocking. Bin collections are alright, everything else is alright, just the roads.

“We don’t have any interaction with local services really, other than the roads and the bins.”

Asked what the key issue was for him, another voter, Scott Mckay, said: “The roads are the main one for me. They are reported all the time and nothing happens.”

One man said the overspends and delays following the Scottish Government’s decision to award a ferries contract to Ferguson Marine were on his mind when voting, while a woman said she was concerned by “the financial impact at the moment, with energy prices and things like that.”

She added: “That’s a huge worry. A lot of people are struggling. You’re choosing between heating and eating.”

The Conservatives put forward the most candidates in East Renfrewshire, with eight, while the SNP has seven, including Tony Buchanan, who has been council leader for the last five years.

Both Labour and the Scottish Greens fielded five candidates, while Alba had four names on the ballot papers.

Votes in East Renfrewshire will be counted today, with final declarations expected to be made in the late afternoon.