Incredible Edible Neilston have a special guest joining them at the Neilston Cattle Show.

Children’s TV presenter and RSPB worker Rory Crawford will be leading free bug hunts for kids.

The founder of Incredible Edible Cat Train said: “We’re very excited that he’s coming on Saturday. He’s the son of one of Incredible Edible Neilston’s members.”

There will be two bug hunts, the first at 1.30pm and the second at 2pm.

Incredible Edible work hard encouraging the community to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs in public spaces which locals can pick for free.

They hope the bug hunts will help kids learn more about the nature around them and encourage them to grow their own plants.

Join in the fun at the Neilston Cattle Show on Saturday, May 7. Postcode for the event is G78 3LE.