Voters in East Renfrewshire are heading to the polls today to determine who they want to run the council.

A total of 42 candidates are in contention and a total of 18 councillors will be elected in the area’s five wards.

Once the results have been declared, the winners will be tasked with making vital decisions on local services that affect people across the local authority, such as schools, roads and housing.

Here is the full list of candidates:

Ward 1: Barrhead, Liboside and Uplawmoor (four councillors to be elected)

Paul Aitken (Independent)

Neil Anderson (Alba)

Angela Convery (SNP)

Betty Cunningham (Labour)

Danny Devlin (Independent)

Chris Lundsay (SNP)

Greg Turner

Frank Wilson (Greens)


Ward 2: Newton Mearns North and Neilston (three councillors to be elected)

Tony Buchanan (SNP)

Farooq Choudhry (Conservative)

Adrian Egglestone (Greens)

Carol McKenzie (Alba)

Derek McMillan (Freedom Alliance)

Andrew Morrison (Conservative)

Owen O’Donnell (Labour)

Maria Reid (Scottish Family Party)


Ward 3: Giffnock and Thornliebank (three councillors to be elected)

George Gebbie (Alba)

Colm Merrick (SNP)

Mary Montague (Labour)

Alice Roy (Independent)

Karen Sharkey (Greens)

Allan Steele (Independent)

Gordon Wallace (Conservative)


Ward 4: Clarkston, Netherlee and Williamwood (four councillors to be elected)

Kate Campbell (Conservative)

Gerald Edwards (Conservative)

Annette Ireland (SNP)

Gordon Keenan (Greens)

David Macdonald (Independent)

David Tam McDonald (SNP)

Stewart Miller (Independent)

Katie Pragnell (Labour)

Daphne Vlastari (Liberal Democrats)

Colette Walker (Independence for Scotland Party)


Ward 5: Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham (four councillors to be elected)

Andrew Anderson (Labour)

Caroline Bamforth (SNP)

Paul Edlin (Conservative)

Jim McLean (Conservative)

Victoria Palmer-Dyer (Greens)

Luke Reid (Scottish Family Party)

Amer Siddiqui (Alba)

Paul Smith (Conservative)

Mark Turnbull (Freedom Alliance, Stop the Great Reset)