Worried residents in Barrhead claim a busy road that passes their homes has become a potential death trap.

A number of people living in the Rosemont Place area say it has become dangerous to exit on to Blackbyres Road because of the high volume of traffic travelling at high speeds, both day and night.

Large-scale housebuilding in the area has increased the number of vehicles on the road, including construction traffic.

Councillor Paul Aitken, who represents the area, has written to East Renfrewshire Council’s director of environment to ask for traffic calming measures to be put in place.

“I am asking whether something can be done at the junction where Rosemont Place meets Blackbyres Road,” said Councillor Aitken. “Perhaps a roundabout could be constructed?

“Many residents in Rosemont Place have contacted me to say that cars come speeding up and down Blackbyres Road and it is dangerous for residents trying to exit. It is also dangerous for people on foot crossing the road.

“It is only a matter of time before there are accidents at the Rosemont Place junction but a roundabout would clearly be a solution and could save lives.”

The Blackbyres Road stretch connects Grahamston Road with Glasgow Road.

Locals expect the volume of traffic to increase as more homes are built in the Rosemont area and a new retail park opens next year.

One Rosemont Place resident said: “It has become almost impossible to turn right or left because of the amount of cars flying up and down Blackbyres Road.

“We would certainly welcome some measures like a roundabout or speed restrictions to slow them down.”

However, council chiefs have no plans to make changes at the junction.

A spokesperson said: “The design of the Rosemont Place junction was assessed as part of the transport assessment at the time of the planning application for this new housing development.

“The junction which was installed was found to be the most appropriate solution, with more than adequate visibility in place for the 30mph speed limit.

“This stretch of road has a good safety record and it remains the case that there is no requirement for another form of junction, such as a roundabout, to be considered.”