MEMBERS of Barrhead Burgh Band are getting ready to blow their own trumpets...two years after they last competed.

The historic group has been hit with Covid disruption since it took centre stage at the Scottish Championships back in March 2020.

Now it is being relaunched as a non-contesting band, with any brass or percussion players in the area invited to join.

Rehearsals will take place at Bourock Parish Church, in Main Street, once a week, with the first gathering arranged for 7.30pm on Tuesday, April 26, under the direction of new conductor Alan Friel.

The aim is to build numbers back up and those in charge are keen to recruit as many players of all ages as they can.

Band chairman Tom Allan said: “This is an opportunity to improve your music skills and playing technique and enjoy playing in a band again.

“We have decided to become a non-contesting band because the contesting band demands a lot of commitment, two nights a week.

“If all goes well, at the end of this year we will consider going back to being a contesting band.”

Tom is particularly keen to hear from anyone who was previously part of the Levern Valley Community Brass Band.

Barrhead News: Barrhead Burgh Band enjoyed considerable success in competitions before Covid struckBarrhead Burgh Band enjoyed considerable success in competitions before Covid struck

“The conductor of the Levern Valley retired and unfortunately, at the same time, Covid struck, so in November last year they closed the band down, although it hadn’t been operating for two years,” he said.

“If we can get hold of some of them and they wanted to come along, we would be happy to talk to them.”

Pre-pandemic, Barrhead Burgh Band boasted a 25-strong group of players but Covid had a major impact.

Tom added: “We didn’t go back until about August last year and we never really got back to the numbers we had prior to Covid, due to people having the virus or still being reluctant to go out.”

Two of the players getting ready for the return are Audrey Paul and Fiona Kennedy, who have been members for many years.

They said: “We are excited to be starting back.

“It would be brilliant to see our returning players and new players all together again.”

Instruments can be provided to new members if required.

Anyone who is interested in joining should send an email to or go online at