East Renfrewshire is one of the worst places in Scotland to own an electric car, a new study shows.

Researchers at the CarGuide.co.uk website looked at the number of charging points per 100,000 people across the country.

They found that environmentally-friendly motorists in East Dunbartonshire were getting the worst service – with the Barrhead area a close second.

The study showed that East Renfrewshire had just 24 charging points to serve a population of 96,060.

That equates to 25 public charging devices per 100,000 residents.

Olli Astley, of CarGuide.co.uk, said: “We believe that motorists getting into electric vehicles is the best way forward, due to the benefits to the environment.

“However, the UK’s charging infrastructure still has a long way to go.”

In January, the Barrhead News reported concerns by local electric car drivers over a lack of charging points across East Renfrewshire.

Software expert Alan Campbell had trouble finding any that actually work, particularly in Neilston and Barrhead.

At the time, the dad-of-two said he took his Skoda Enyaq to electric vehicle (EV) chargers at Neilston Leisure Centre and the Barrhead Foundry, only to find they were broken.

A charging point at Neilston train station had also been out of action for more than a year, with no sign of it being repaired.

A spokesperson for East Renfrewshire Council said: “We own 11 charging units across the area, which provide capacity for 22 vehicles.

“Residents also have access to nine privately-owned and operated chargers, which provide capacity to charge up to 19 vehicles.

“Two additional units with capacity for two vehicles each will be installed in the next financial year.

“We will continue to support the development of the public electric vehicle charging network in order to meet demand.”