Caring dads have gone to great lengths to coin in cash for a worthy cause.

Allen Wales, Nikki Watt and Ryan McPherson joined forces to take part in a ‘4x4x48’ challenge, which involves running four miles every four hours over a two-day period.

The three pals began pounding the streets of Barrhead on a Friday afternoon and completed their marathon effort at lunchtime on the Sunday.

Their aim was to raise at least £1,000 for hospital charities which have helped the son of another friend, David Courtenay.

Adam Courtenay, who has Sturge-Weber Syndrome, spent a lot of time at the Royal Hospital for Children during the early years of his life.

He was born with a port wine stain birthmark covering his head and face, which has resulted in an extra layer of blood vessels over his brain.

This means his brain cannot develop in the way it can for others, due to a lack of blood and oxygen.

David, a 40-year-old electrician, had hoped to join Allen, Nikki and Ryan on their run but was ruled out through injury, so he hopped on his bike to lend support instead.

All four men hail from Barrhead and have known each other since childhood.

Sales rep Allen, 36, who now lives in Neilston, said: “We began the challenge at the running track at Cowan Park, in Barrhead. Each four-mile run takes around 45 minutes and then you rest until it is time to do the next four miles.

“By the end, we were all exhausted. It’s a really gruelling challenge.

“We averaged about three-and-a-half hours’ sleep over the two days. At times when you were on the road running, it felt as if you were wearing lead boots.”

David has previously climbed Mont Blanc and trekked 50 miles across the Arctic Circle to raise money for charities which have supported Adam.

The family has also been helped by Children’s Hospices Across Scotland(CHAS), which provides respite.

Allen added: “We see the fantastic work these organisations do and we all know someone who has been helped by them.

“We also all know how much they rely on donations.”