A PENSIONER has slammed an “utterly unacceptable” response from management at a Barrhead supermarket after he complained about the number of staff who don’t wear a face covering.

John Dougan, 72, is in the Covid ‘high risk’ group as he is immunosuppressed, which means he is particularly vulnerable to infections.

He claims that, compared to other supermarkets, a “grossly disproportionate” number of those working at the Asda store, in Church Road, do not wear a face mask.

Mr Dougan said that, when he raised his concerns with management, he was advised to shop online instead.

He told the Barrhead News: “I used to go maybe three or four times per week but I’m not doing that now. It’s not somewhere I would be going into with confidence.

“I’m anxious because my immune system is very low, which leaves my health open to all sorts of infections, more so than other people, and I’m not alone in that, I’m quite sure.

John Dougan complained about the number of staff failing to wear a face mask in his local supermarketThe Asda store in Barrhead

“I spoke to an assistant manager about staff not wearing masks and she said ‘Well, people here have exemption certificates and we can’t force them to wear them’ and I said ‘Of course not, but the people who are not wearing exemption stickers should be wearing them’.”

Mr Dougan also claims a member of management told him the store had run out of the stickers.

He added: “I explained to him about my immune system and he said ‘you can shop online.’

“That would protect me I suppose but there will be other people with immune system issues who are going in there and are still open to this problem.”

Mr Dougan, from Barrhead, also called the company to seek answers and was told someone would call or email him back.

However, he said that, after waiting a week without hearing from the firm, he phoned again and was told there was no note of his complaint.

John Dougan complained about the number of staff failing to wear a face mask in his local supermarketJohn Dougan has said he is having to avoid the Asda store in Barrhead over fears for his health

“The feedback I got was totally inadequate, added Mr Dougan. “It was utterly unacceptable.

“I’m not keen on publicity but I’ve tried every avenue. It seems I’m just a little man, a little customer who doesn’t matter.”

Asda bosses said they continue to follow government advice in all of their Scottish stores and ask customers and colleagues to wear a face covering unless they are exempt.

A spokesman added: “We have face masks available for anybody who would like one and our stores have many measures in place to keep everyone safe, including Perspex screens at checkouts, hand sanitisers and cleaning stations for baskets and trolleys throughout the store.

“In addition, all baskets, trolleys and door handles have been treated with an antimicrobial coating that limits the spread of bacteria.”