Neilston schoolkids had that winning feeling after enjoying a special day out at Celtic Park.

A total of 74 pupils from St Thomas’ Primary were given the VIP treatment for the Hoops match against Dundee on Sunday.

The KANO foundation is a charity that relies on the generosity of Celtic fans, to send kids to Celtic games for free. They believe that all football games should be free for children to watch.

St Thomas parent Caroline Morrison reached out to the KANO Foundation to set up this school trip she said: “Despite the slightly wet and wild weather, and everyone feeling the cold, it was an amazing day everyone had so much fun and the kids were so excited.”

Lunch before the game in St Michael’s Hall and the kids were also given a KANO goody bag, with a scarf, crisps, juice, sweets and chocolate for a half-time snack.

Headteacher Ian Gillies said: “We were able to offer tickets to every child in our school who wanted to attend, regardless of age, additional support needs, and team that they support.

Majority of the kids hadn’t ever attended a football match and they had such a good time, and they were all so well-behaved.”

Rory Finnigan, aged 6, said: “My favourite bit was when Celtic won, my favourite player was Joe Hart he gave us a thumbs up!”

The KANO Foundation also celebrated their 12,000 child sent to a football match for free on Sunday at the game.

If you would like to learn more about the KANO Foundation, or donate you can visit their website at