FREEMASONS in Neilston have paid a special tribute to a doctor who was largely responsible for the creation of an historic lodge.

Dr David Pride, who was the first Master of Lodge Thistle & Crown No.1167, died on January 29, 1927, at the age of 90, and is buried in Neilston Cemetery.

On Saturday, exactly 95 years since his death, representatives from the Lodge laid a wreath at his gravestone.

As well as his work as a GP, Dr Pride was a local Justice of the Peace.

A further connection with Dr Pride dates back to 1956 when the Lodge bought its current premises at 1 Main Street, Neilston. Known locally as ‘The Knowe,’ it had once been his home.

John Miller, current Master of Lodge Thistle & Crown, said: “We thought that the anniversary of the death of the local doctor who became our Founding Master should not pass without some recognition.”

Pictured at the graveside are (from left) Ian Brenchley, Willie Stewart, John Miller, Murray Hunter, Robert Rankin and George Paul.