Lateral flow tests will no longer be free in the months to come, the UK government has confirmed.

Free universal lateral flow tests will reportedly be scrapped by the government in June, although an official date has yet to be confirmed.

The UK has relied upon free testing to help tackle the spread of coronavirus throughout the pandemic.

But as working from home guidance was lifted, individuals and businesses will now bear the brunt of the cost with reports suggesting a box of seven previously free will now set you back £30.

According to the Reuters news agency, health officials had previously planned to make the change before the arrival of the Omicron variant which pushed plans back.

A spokesperson for Boris Johnson said: "Yes, lateral flow access, remain free to use and we continue to encourage people to access them. 

"As you’ll know in our autumn and winter plan which we published last year we were clear that at a later stage that governments as our response to the virus further evolves universal free provision of things like lateral flow tests will end.”