A BARRHEAD woman has set up a Facebook page to help reunite pet owners with furry friends that have gone missing.

Paulene Armstrong uses the ‘Missing Pets Barrhead And Neilston’ site to publish appeals for information, including photos of animals that have failed to return home.

It was launched amid concerns over the number of missing moggies in the local area.

Paulene, who has four cats, searches for missing pets on foot in her spare time.

She scans their microchips, but if they are not chipped she takes them to Craigpark Veterinary Centre, in Barrhead.

Paulene, 46, who also volunteers for Lyn's small animal rehoming centre, told the Barrhead News: “There are a lot of pages on Facebook that are for lost animals but it helps to keep it all in one place.

“Someone will spot a cat and post a picture to ask if anyone recognises it and someone else will comment to say it is their cat and it has been missing.

“Animals get to go home because of people posting pictures.”

Among the pets currently featured on the Facebook page is two-year-old Loki, who has been missing from his home in Aurs Glen, Barrhead, for three weeks.

His owner, Claire Sweeney, has searched tirelessly for him, without success, and is hoping social media can provide a breakthrough.

Loki is jet black and wears a red velvet collar with a tartan bow.

Claire said: “He has never been away this long and he’s still so young. It’s like he’s just vanished into thin air.”

Pauline, who is a full-time carer for her dad after he suffered a stroke, is urging pet owners to make sure their animals are microchipped.

She said: “I don’t know the amount of times I’ve found a poor wee cat at the side of the road and haven’t been able to find the owner because the cat hasn’t been chipped.

“Microchips help us get lost animals back home to their families.”

Anyone who would like to provide information about lost or found pets can visit www.facebook.com/groups/2155765534574666.