PUPILS at St Luke’s High School are exploring the world of newspapers...with a little help from the Barrhead News.

We have joined forces with the Barrhead school to launch the St Luke’s High Press Club.

Youngsters will be bringing our readers some news from the school each month, starting with the three stories on this page, written by Vedashree Upadhyay, Esther Afolayan and Yasmine Zourdani.


Democracy in action was witnessed at St Luke’s High as the school elected its head boy and head girl.

After elections took place, the school was delighted to announce the appointment of Lee Edgar as head boy, with the role of head girl going to Alliyah Love.

They are being assisted by their deputes Arran, Elise and Keira.

Lee and Alliyah have been taking part in forums with East Renfrewshire’s director of education, Mark Ratter, which has given them the chance to voice their views on school life.

They have also successfully staged various events within the school, such as a Team Building Day for S1 and S6 pupils in the PE department.

This involved the new intake of S1 pupils taking part in sporting activities to build up their teamwork skills, with S6 pupils facilitating the event.

Our leadership team also led peers in the Walk to Knock fundraising event, which saw pupils handed the challenge of walking a collective distance equivalent to that between St Luke’s High and the village of Knock, in County Mayo, Ireland, with around £300 raised.

The run-up to Christmas also saw our head and depute pupils lead some of our faith activities at school, such as promoting Catholic Education Week and helping the RE department prepare videos to mark the various stages of Advent.

Clearly, the Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped the S6 pupil leadership team from running events in school for pupils and good causes. They were able to adapt their plans to make sure these events were safe and enjoyable for all those taking part.