IT’S the most wonderful time of the year...and excited children at St Thomas Primary can’t wait for the festivities to start.

As Santa prepares to make his arrival at the homes of good little boys and girls across East Renfrewshire, the Barrhead News headed along to the Neilston school to find out what pupils there hope to wake up to on the big day.

And, after another difficult year when the coronavirus pandemic caused disruption, it is no surprise to learn that spending time with loved ones was firmly included in the wishlist.

A wide range of toys and some tasty festive food are also on the menu for children as the countdown to December 25 gathers pace.

Everyone at the Barrhead News wishes pupils and staff at St Thomas Primary a very merry Christmas and all the best for the new year when it arrives.

St Thomas Primary ready for big day

Pupils at St Thomas Primary are looking forward to Christmas DayCameron Conroy

PRIMARY three pupil Cameron Conroy is a big fan of Christmas.

After his usual early start on the morning of December 25, the seven-year-old is hoping there will be snow, so he can have some fun outdoors.

Cameron told the Barrhead News: “A Playstation, a desk, a golden controller, a red controller, a chair and a phone – I would like two things from that list.

“Santa is going to get me some street games too.

“I would like all of my family and friends to be near me.

“I’m going to go sledging, build a snowman and have a snowball fight.

“I wake up at 6am every time it’s Christmas and I like everything about Christmas, even the Grinch.”

Pupils at St Thomas Primary are looking forward to Christmas DayAria Festorazzi

Christmas dinner will be twice as good for Aria Festorazzi this she looks forward to enjoying double helpings.

The primary three pupil is excited about spending the festive season with her family.

The seven-year-old said: “I’m going to my Auntie Debbie’s and we are going to have Christmas dinner and then I am going to my gran’s and I’m going to get Christmas dinner again.”

On the present front, meanwhile, she has a few things in mind, including an interactive soft toy.

“For Christmas, I would like a walking, talking husky called Hope,” said Aria. “I would also like health and happiness, to go to Florida and no more Covid.

“I can’t wait to open my Christmas calendar.”

Pupils at St Thomas Primary are looking forward to Christmas DayMatthew Scougall

There will be no lie-in for Matthew Scougall on Christmas morning, as he wants to make sure he gets up bright and early to make the most of the special day. 

The primary four pupil has his eyes on a ninja-themed construction toy and is looking forward to spending some quality time with his family, as well as enjoying a festive meal. 

The eight-year-old told the Barrhead News: “For Christmas, I would like to get Lego Ninjago sets.

“I would also like to have a sleepover with my cousins.

“I am going to my Uncle Gerard’s to have Christmas dinner. 

“I want to wake up super early so I can run down the stairs and open all of the presents.”

Pupils at St Thomas Primary are looking forward to Christmas DayCaila Jackson

This year’s Christmas wishlist drawn up by eight-year-old Caila Jackson extends far beyond presents.

With the Cop26 climate change summit in nearby Glasgow still fresh in the memory, the caring youngster is hoping people will be kinder to the planet during 2022.

And when it comes to finding out what Santa has brought her on December 25, primary four pupil Caila might have a bit of a wait on her hands.

She said: “I probably want an iPad because I accidentally broke mine.

“I would also like to stop pollution.

“I am going down to England to spend time with my family, so I will probably wake up very early but I will have to wait a long time to open my presents.”

Toys and snow on the wishlist for schoolkids

Pupils at St Thomas Primary are looking forward to Christmas DayPupils at St John's Primary can't wait to open their Christmas presents

The countdown to Christmas has been gathering pace at St John’s Primary in recent weeks, with youngsters looking forward to the big day’s arrival.

There have been seasonal activities for children at the Barrhead school to take part in and they can now enjoy spending time at home with their loved ones during the festive break.

Of course, one of the Christmas highlights is the chance to get presents for being a good boy or girl all year...and the St John’s Primary pupils had plenty of ideas when it came to writing their wishlist.

As excitement builds ahead of December 25, the Barrhead News visited the school to meet some of the youngsters who can hardly wait for Christmas to arrive.

We would also like to send our best wishes to all of the children and staff at St John’s Primary, as well as their loved ones.

Pupils at St Thomas Primary are looking forward to Christmas DayNathan Higgins

The festive season excitement is building for five-year-old Nathan Higgins, who simply can’t wait to open his gifts when Christmas Day arrives.

Nathan has his sights set on a few speedy toys, so he can have fun racing them, under the watchful eye of his very own ‘elf on the shelf.’

The primary one pupil told the Barrhead News: “I have asked Santa for a racing truck, two remotes and two cars.

“I am looking forward to opening my presents.

“My elf is excited to watch me.”

Pupils at St Thomas Primary are looking forward to Christmas DayNancy Cassidy

Five-year-old Nancy Cassidy is looking forward to finding her presents under the Christmas tree – and is also excited about what Santa has in store for everyone else.

And this festive season will be extra special, thanks to the addition of a new family member.

Nancy, who is in primary two, said: “For Christmas I would like a Polly Pocket toy drink, a new unicorn jumper, heelies and some Supergirl books. 

“I’m looking forward to everybody getting a present and I’m really happy that it’s my little brother’s first Christmas.”

Pupils at St Thomas Primary are looking forward to Christmas DayEthan Cunningham

Sporty seven-year-old Ethan Cunningham hopes Santa will bring him a few football-related goodies on December 25.

The primary three pupil is also keeping his fingers crossed for a white Christmas, so he can head outside and have some fun in the snow. 

Ethan said: “I would like the new Premier League football and an away strip for Paris Saint-Germain, with my name and the number seven on the back.

“I’m also looking forward to going sledging. We like to go every Christmas.”