Nicola Sturgeon will give a Covid update today - her first in two weeks due to COP26 duties. 

Health secretary Humza Yousaf and deputy first minister John Swinney both filled in for the first minister to deliver Covid updates during the climate conference, but today it will be Sturgeon back at the podium. 

Today the current regulations are under review, so any changes will be announced in this afternoon's update. 

It comes just one day after UK prime minister Boris Johnson delivered a press briefing on Covid in the UK, during which he refused to rule out the prospect of further restrictions over Christmas. 

These words mirrored those of the Scottish government, which has also repeatedly refused to rule out bringing back measures if required. 

Monday was a busy day for Covid news: in the morning before Johnson's 3pm briefing, it was confirmed people aged 40-49 in the UK would be offered a booster jab, with data showing that three doses of the vaccine cuts risk of infection by more than 93%. 

Young people aged 16-17 will also be offered a second dose, having been given only one jab the first time round. 

These changes are all likely to be covered in the first minister's update today, so here's when and how you can watch...

What time is Nicola Sturgeon's Covid update today? 

Nicola Sturgeon will give a Covid update to Parliament at around 2:15pm today. 

This time is subject to change, depending on previous items including topical questions running to time. 

How can I watch Nicola Sturgeon's Covid update today?

The first minister's Covid update will be broadcast live on BBC Scotland from 2:15pm. 

It will also be streamed on the Scottish government's social media platforms, as well as live tweeted on the SNP's Twitter. 

What will the first minister say at Covid update today?

As always, the first minister will provide an update of the Covid stats in Scotland, including infection rates and hospitalisations. 

Last week, John Swinney hinted that changes to the current regulations could be announced today, with the three weekly review taking place this morning. 

The update is also likely to give further details on the announcement that people aged 40-49 will be offered a booster jab, and young people aged 16 and 17 will be offered a second dose. 

With winter closing in, we could hear more about the government's plans to reduce transmission in the cold weather. 

We could also learn more about the impact of COP26 on Scotland's Covid rates.