East Renfrewshire will host a ‘Nae Fireworks Night’ on November 5 for those who find this time of year a touch too noisy for their liking.

The event is to take place at Whitelee Windfarm, on Eaglesham Moor, where fireworks are not allowed.

It is aimed at the likes of dog owners who have a nervous pooch, as well as those who simply want somewhere quiet to go on Bonfire Night.

A spokesperson said: “Staff will be on site to manage the event and do our very best to maintain a firework-free zone.

“Fireworks are not permitted at Whitelee Windfarm. They pose a danger to site infrastructure and can cause peatbog fires that can burn for years, as well as causing distress to the site’s wildlife and livestock, so please don’t bring them.

“The sound of fireworks can travel a great distance and may sometimes be heard even when set off miles from the windfarm, so we recommend that dogs are kept on leads.”

The Whitelee visitor centre will be open as normal from 10am to 5pm and will reopen from 6pm to 9pm for anyone who would like a hot drink.

There will also be a torchlit walk, starting at 7.30pm.

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3CtcC9N.