A FORMER Barrhead councillor is joining the ranks of tartan noir writers such as Chris Brookmyre following the publication of his own crime thriller.

No One Will Hear You Scream is the second book to be released by 70-year-old Eddie Phillips, with three others in the pipeline.

Eddie, who uses the pen name EJ Goldberg Phillips, is hopeful it will be a big success, drawing as it does on his life experiences.

He took up writing after retiring from politics.

Eddie was first elected to East Renfrewshire Council as a Labour candidate in 1999 and stepped down in 2012.

During his 13 years in the role, he represented the Auchenback area of Barrhead, where he also lived with his wife and two children.

Now living in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, he spent much of his career as an official with the CPS trade union, representing civil servants at the National Savings Bank, in Cowglen, Glasgow.

His time on East Renfrewshire Council also included a stint as environment convener and chair of planning.

“As a union man and then a Barrhead councillor, I have over decades amassed huge numbers of sad and funny stories which I have used in the creation of the various characters in this book,” said Eddie. “Hopefully, this is the start of a new career.”

Eddie says he is influenced by crime writers such as Barrhead man Chris, as well as Val McDermid.

Chris sent him a message of support for his new book, which traces the feud between a famous author and a young reporter who discovers she holds a dark secret.

Eddie added: “Writing has given me the opportunity to indulge my imagination.

“I really need to have success with the current book to have a chance of getting other ones published.

“Writing is big challenge because most books never make any money. However, I hope to be writing for years to come. It’s what I love to do.”

No One Will Hear You Scream is available in paperback from Austin Macauley Publishers, bookshops and Amazon Kindle.