A BARRHEAD mum has transformed her garden in spook-tacular style as she aims to bring frightfully-good fun to others this Hallowe’en.

Lyn Fulton, 39, has been stunned by the number of people keen to check out her spellbinding creation in Stewart Place after posting a video on social media last week.

She started planning the display in September, adding skeletons, dismembered limbs, cobwebs, ghouls and other terrifying props.

The real highlight, however, is a series of life-size figures from classic horror movies which Lyn has made by stuffing old costumes before dotting them about the garden like bone-chilling scarecrows.

Among them are slasher film characters Freddy Krueger, from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ and Michael Myers, from the Hallowe’en franchise.

The clown IT, also commonly known as Pennywise, and the creepy girl who emerges from a well in The Grudge also feature. 

“We do love Hallowe’en,” the mum-of-four told the Barrhead News. “We like to make the most of it but I think, considering everything that happened last year, with the kids missing out, we thought this year we would go a wee bit bigger and better.

“I’ve done inside the house as well.

“I put a post on social media about the garden because kids might want to get involved with Hallowe’en and be scared a bit and obviously this is the place to come.

“Quite a few folk were asking for my address and we have had a lot of kids coming by. Some of them have been absolutely terrified.

“I just do it for a bit of fun and I never expected it to blow up like this. It was just to give kids in the community something to enjoy but it seems the adults are enjoying it too.”

Despite already proving a hit with locals, the display, which is complete with lanterns and lights, will be given an extra atmospheric touch on Hallowe’en as a smoke machine is switched on.

Lyn, who lives with her fiancé Raymond and children aged between one and 17, also likes to go all out with imaginative outfits created from scratch.

She is looking forward to hosting a party and, on the big night itself, welcoming trick or treaters to her door.

“I hope the kids have a great time,” said Lyn.