A CONSULTATION has been launched on controversial plans to redraw electoral boundaries.

Constituencies in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire are included in a proposed shake-up that would see Scotland lose two MPs at Westminster.

The Boundary Commission for Scotland is staging an eight-week public consultation on the plans, with local residents urged to have their say.

The proposals, which could lead to new names for constituencies, aim to resolve parity issues in the number of people represented by each MP.

A review of current boundaries has said the number of voters in each constituency must be between about 70,000 and 77,000, unless the area would cover more than 12,000 square kilometres.

The commission hopes any changes will be in place by 2024, when the next general election is expected.

Lord Matthews, deputy chair of the commission, said: “We want to hear the views of the public. We will reflect on responses to the consultation and make changes where appropriate and where the legislation allows us to do so. We strongly encourage voters to make their views heard.

“We particularly want to hear suggestions on two aspects – suggestions for alternative boundaries that comply with the legislative requirements and constituency names.”

Glasgow and the north of Scotland would be the places to lose seats if the plans are approved but widespread changes would see boundaries shift across the country, in the first change since 2005.

In comparison, England would see an increase of 10 MPs, while Wales would lose eight and Northern Ireland would have the same number.

East Renfrewshire MP Kirsten Oswald, who is the SNP’s Westminster deputy leader, said: “The SNP will strongly oppose any attempt to weaken Scotland’s voice in the UK Parliament.”

However, the UK Government said reforms to parliamentary boundaries will ensure “fair and equal representation for the voting public.”

A spokesperson added: “Every constituency will be equally represented in the UK Parliament.”

To have your say on the proposals, visit bcs2023review.com.