Things are looking good for players from a youth football team after they were gifted cash to buy new all-weather jackets.

The funding for the Neilston Youth Whites 2006 team came from Barrhead Rotary and the Co-op store in Neilston.

Elaine Stewart, whose son Zach plays for the team, said: “Barrhead Rotary was offering clubs throughout Barrhead and Neilston £100 each to help with their return after the Covid disruption.

“We had to buy jackets for 18 players, working out at around £25 a head, and we couldn’t afford them, so I wrote an application to ask for £100 and they very kindly offered us £200.

“That paid for half of all the jackets we needed and then the other half was funded by Neilston Co-op.

“Through them, we managed to get all of the players a heavy, waterproof jacket, which they need as they play in January and February and all that.

“Previously, there were two or three sub jackets they had to share between them but, with Covid, that’s not practical.

“I’d like to thank Douglas Yates and the rest of the people at Barrhead Rotary for gifting us this money.”