A BID to build 27 lock-up garages has been rejected by East Renfrewshire Council after more than 50 objections were received from neighbours.

Joiner Properties Ltd wanted to develop land to the rear of flats in Alexander Avenue, Eaglesham.

However, some residents were worried the lock-ups would lead to increased traffic and parking problems, a loss of privacy and more noise. They also feared the plans would cause displacement of bins.

Councillor Jim McLean said: “I’ve received quite a lot of complaints about this. I still don’t see where they are going to put 27 garages.

“It’s going to make it a nightmare for the residents down there. Where are the bins going to go? There’s 52 representations but, believe me, I’ve had more complaints than that.

“I would wholeheartedly reject this. It’s just going to be far too many cars out on the road.”

The developers had advised that the lock-up garages would be used as "a vehicle or personal storage facility and rented out via a lettings agency for residents in the local area.”

Planning officers at the council recommended refusal of the application.

In a report, they stated: “The applicant has advised that the garages would not be let for commercial or businesses purposes.

“Notwithstanding, the garages would not be tied to the flatted blocks and would be let on the open market (albeit to a restricted customer base).

“For this reason, it is considered that the proposal is a commercial use. The introduction of a commercial use onto the site is considered to be significantly out of character with the residential nature of the area.”

Provost Jim Fletcher said he had “never seen anything like this before.”

“I’m puzzled," he added. "Some of the objections say they are not large enough to house cars. I’m trying to get my head round what the purpose of them is.”

A council officer said that, while the garages would be “big enough to hold some cars,” they did not meet the standards set by the council’s roads team.

In a submission to the planning committee, the roads team said: “The proposed garages do not meet the required dimensions and are therefore not acceptable.

“The garages may displace vehicles onto the adjacent public road, which could pose a risk to road safety and is therefore not acceptable.”