Motorists are being urged not to panic buy at the pumps amid fears some filling stations in East Renfrewshire will be left running on empty.

A number of drivers have reported long queues at local garages in recent days as they try to fill up their cars.

Some petrol stations had to close earlier this week, while others imposed a £30 limit for motorists in a bid to make sure supplies last.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney has said there is an “adequate” petrol supply to meet normal purchasing patterns but warned that a spike in demand could lead to pumps running out quickly.

He confirmed that the Scottish Government had spoken to fuel suppliers about distribution problems in recent days.

On Sunday, the UK Government suspended competition laws to allow suppliers to target petrol stations which are running low.

As well as a shortage of HGV drivers, the industry has blamed panic buying for queues at forecourts.

Mr Swinney said: “There is an adequate supply of fuel to meet normal demand but it does hinge on being able to distribute that fuel to all locations.

“From my experience of dealing with difficulties about fuel supply in the past, when we had industrial action amongst tanker drivers, supply can run out very quickly because the petrol stations are being replenished with supply on a really very regular basis.

“In a normal purchasing pattern then, I’m confident there is a distribution arrangement in place that can adequately supply those petrol stations but obviously, if there is an increased demand for fuel, then that will put pressure on the distribution companies in being able to meet that demand in all locations.”