A BARRHEAD mum has caused quite a buzz after creating a ‘save the bees’ memorial.

Charlene Ramsay, 37, shaped the tiny pyramid, made from resin, after her 12-year-old daughter Alisha tried to save a bumblebee from dying.

Within hours of sharing a video of her work on social media platform TikTok, it had gathered more than 3.9 million views, as well as gaining half a million likes.

Charlene, who runs her own business, Resin with a Sparkle, told the Barrhead News she has been “completely blown away” by the attention the video has attracted.

“I originally made it after my daughter found the bee outside our house,” she said. “The bee was dying but she tried to save it.

Barrhead News: The ‘save the bees’ memorial pyramidThe ‘save the bees’ memorial pyramid

“She brought it in the house and asked me to put it in resin as a wee keepsake, so I did.

“It was the whole idea of ‘save the bees.’ I recorded the process of how I made it, along with revealing the final look.

“I then put the video up on TikTok, not thinking it was going to reach that many people. I thought it would maybe get a couple of likes but not in a million years did I think it would be anywhere near what it is at now.

“It is just crazy.”

Not only did Charlene’s video generate millions of views, it has also given her business a boost.

With almost 70,000 followers, the talented resin artist now shares daily videos of her work, which includes making everything from keyrings to dog collar tags.

Charlene said: “From the video going viral, I’ve had quite a few people contacting me and putting in orders. Most of the followers I now have are from outwith the UK, mainly in America.

“I have also had a resin supplier contact me from America, asking me to help promote their product, which is just amazing, now that I’m working with different suppliers.

“Anything can be put in resin, no matter how silly it seems.”

If you want to see more of Charlene’s work or would like to get in contact to place an order for a personalised resin product, you can visit her Facebook page here.