A PETITION has been launched over fears of “serious road safety concerns” on a two-mile stretch of road in East Renfrewshire.

Residents living on Ayr Road, in Newton Mearns, have slammed East Renfrewshire Council following the installation of cycle lane bollards, which now stretch from the Crookfur Park to the Malletsheugh junction.

Karen Flo, who set up the petition, believes that the cones are creating issues for delivery drivers, essential visitors, and emergency vehicles who are “unable to stop safely on the road”.

Homeowners on Ayr Road have also raised concerns over “ongoing disruption” to the flow of traffic, leading to “increased congestion, emissions and air pollution”.

The petition states: “Ayr Road is one of the busiest roads in Newton Mearns and has a variety of road users including drivers and cyclists. Emergency measures during lockdown saw orange plastic cones appear which acted as a temporary extension to the pavement for people out walking.

“These cones have now been replaced and extended with black and white plastic bollards which act as hard segregation for cycle lanes.

“While we appreciate that East Renfrewshire Council is trying to support and encourage cycling, there seems to be limited or no benefit from the installation of the bollards which are in place.”

The Barrhead News previously spoke to Stephen Page, who is among those to hit out at the bollards, claiming they were putting the safety of road users at risk.

“It has implemented changes to the cycle path and road that have made an accident extremely likely but refuse to accept the road is more dangerous,” the 56-year-old said.

A council spokesperson said the bollards aim to safeguard the existing cycle lane and help keep people safe.

They added: “The measures on Ayr Road are being undertaken on a trial basis following community feedback identifying a local demand for improved active travel provision in the area.

“There has been significant increase in active travel during Covid-19, and these measures aim to safeguard the existing cycle lane. 

“Consultation has been ongoing since November 2020, and we continue to consider the views of residents, pedestrians and road users.”

To view the petition, visit HERE.