A MEMORIAL to veterans and others who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been unveiled in Barrhead.

The special tribute is in place outside The Foundry after the Incorporation of Masons of Glasgow responded to an appeal for funding by veteran James McEwan.

James, 66, is chairperson of a voluntary group which has also created a memorial garden at the Water Works, in Barrhead, to honour three of his former Army pals and two members of the local community who tragically took their own lives.

He served with the 1st Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, and has been receiving treatment for PTSD for a number of years.

Barrhead News: Veteran James McEwan and Deacon John Brown during the construction processVeteran James McEwan and Deacon John Brown during the construction process

James told the Barrhead News: “Unfortunately, fellow soldiers who I knew and served with had PTSD and took their own lives. There is not enough treatment for those who need it.

“I did three tours of Northern Ireland as a young guy and was injured. I had never heard of combat stress and I didn’t realise I was ill. I’m still in treatment now but this is the best I’ve been for a while.

“So many people suffer from it – and it’s not just soldiers. It affects all sorts of people – police officers, members of the fire brigade, victims of crime.

“The memorial at The Foundry is for the people in Barrhead, those in the local community, who have suffered with PTSD and possibly taken their own life.”

Provost Jim Fletcher was joined at the unveiling by John Brown, Deacon of the Incorporation of Masons of Glasgow, prominent sculptor Josephine Crossland and Ken Dalglish, deacon convenor of the Trades House of Glasgow.

Josephine was commissioned to carve the commemoration stones with a style of lettering specifically devised by herself and featuring the Incorporation of Masons of Glasgow shields.

During the construction stage, City of Glasgow College lecturer John was assisted by four student stonemasons who needed site evidence of building ashlar walling for their portfolio.

Barrhead News: Four apprentice stonemasons assisted with the constructionFour apprentice stonemasons assisted with the construction

He said: “We met with James and our Master Court graciously approved the funding to get a memorial erected.

“Provost Fletcher was very supportive in accepting to unveil the memorial on behalf of the citizens of Barrhead and East Renfrewshire and, as Armed Forces champion for that area, reinforced the need for funding and care for those suffering from this illness.

“The Incorporation of Masons of Glasgow is deeply honoured to have been able to gift this memorial to the community.”

Provost Fletcher added: “PTSD can affect many people from a variety of professions and I hope the memorial in Barrhead will provide some comfort to the friends and families of those who have died, in providing a physical reminder that their loved ones are not forgotten.”

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