Young people in Scotland are back at school after a long summer break, coinciding with the rising numbers of Covid cases around the country. 

The last year has been rocky educationally speaking; pupils have been in and out of the classroom, the school schedule marred by lockdowns and cases forcing isolation. 

Politicians and parents alike are keen to avoid similar disruptions this year, which encouraged the Scottish Government to take a slightly different approach to the Covid school rules this term.

A number of changes have been introduced regarding how schools deal with the pandemic, so with that in mind, here's everything you need to know...

What are the self-isolation rules in schools?

A few aspects of the Government's approach to schooling have changed since the summer holidays.

Firstly, the self-isolation rules for school bubbles has been altered to prevent large numbers of absences. 

Under previous guidance, if one pupil tested positive for Covid, everyone in their school bubble - often organised by year group or class - had to isolate. 

Now there is a much more targeted approach in place, under which only those most likely to have caught the virus from a child who has tested positive will be required to isolate. 

In addition, the students that are required to isolate must do so for a much shorter period of time thanks to the change in isolation rules.

Like fully vaccinated adults, young people aged 5-17 who have been identified as close contacts must isolate until they receive a negative PCR test. 

Once they have results of a negative test, they can leave isolation. 

What else has changed in schools? 

Aside from the rules on self-isolation, much of the same mitigations as before the summer remain in place, and will do so for the first six weeks at least. 

It means that face coverings must still be worn in communal areas, secondary classrooms and on school transport for over 12s.  

Restrictions remain on assembly sizes and school visitors, and staggered start and stop times continue.

Adults in schools must continue to physically distance, despite social distancing rules being abandoned elsewhere. 

Rules on drama, PE, music and dance have been removed however, as have the groupings of pupils. 

Remaining restrictions in schools are in place for the first six weeks, and then will be adapted based on further advice.