Baby massage and yoga sessions are to be held in East Renfrewshire, offering parents the chance to learn techniques that can soothe and calm their new arrival.

The five-week course will be held on Thursdays, starting on August 19, with hour-long classes getting underway at 11am.

Organisers say the sessions can also help to ease colic and are suitable for babies from newborn to the pre-crawling stage.

Those who take part will learn a full massage routine and fun yoga stretches for babies.

They will receive massage oil, handouts and access to an online parent zone, which is home to lots of fun videos to try at home with little ones.

There will also be relaxation for parent and baby, sensory stimulation, music, songs and rhymes to enjoy.

For those keen to get to know other parents, each sessions will offer time for an informal chat.

The classes will take place at the home of the 121st Clarkston Glasgow Scout Group, in Aidans Brae, and costs £50 for the five weeks.

To find out more and book sessions, visit