East Renfrewshire Council has been accused of discrimination after telling cyclists to get “off their bikes” at roadworks.

The local authority was slammed over a ‘Please Dismount’ sign erected as resurfacing work took place in Clarkston Road.

Motorists were allowed to drive through the temporary traffic lights as normal but cyclists were forced to push their bikes, using the road or pavement.

Clarkston man Thomas Cornwallis, who is convener of campaign group GoBike, has lodged a complaint with the council.

He was told the measure had been brought in because cyclists were going through the red light.

But Thomas said this wasn’t justification for ordering them off their bikes and claims the council’s actions were in breach of Scottish Government traffic guidelines.

He told the Barrhead News: “Where access is allowed for vehicles, ‘Cyclist Dismount’ signs should not be used.

“The signs are discriminatory. Wherever possible, access should be maintained for cyclists in both directions throughout roadworks.

“The only situation where they should dismount is where the road is completely closed off.

“This is a classic example of cyclists being treated as second-class citizens.”

Thomas, who is a student and bar worker, says roadworks should also incorporate cycle lanes, to allow vehicles to pass bikes safely.

He added: “Cyclists should be allowed access through roadworks at all times. If anything, there should be signs ordering drivers not to overtake them.”

Disabled bikers who were ordered to dismount could have grounds for compensation from the council, according to Thomas.

He said: “Some people with disabilities find it easier to cycle rather than push it.

“I’d also like to know who observed cyclists running red lights. All this kind of thing does is fuel resentment.”

A council spokesman said the ‘Cyclists Dismount’ sign was placed at the resurfacing works in Clarkston Road by a contractor for safety reasons.

“This sign was used as an advisory, as a number of cyclists were not following the traffic light sequence and cycling head on to coming vehicles, which also resulted in heavy traffic,” he added.

“The contractor has since removed this signage.”