As restrictions around the UK ease, the future of facemasks has been called into question, with the Scottish Government's outlook diverging from that of Westminster. 

The weekend saw Tory minister Robert Jenrick confirm that wearing masks in England would be down to choice after "Terminus day" on July 19, after which "the state won't be telling you what to do". 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to provide greater detail on the easing of the restrictions in England later on Monday, however the Scottish Government does not seem likely to follow Whitehall's facemask advice. 

So what is the future of the facemask in Scotland, and are the rules likely to change any time soon? 

Will rules on wearing facemasks end when we move to level 0? 

In short, no, the rules on wearing facemasks in Scotland are unlikely to change when the country moves to level 0, currently planned for July 19.  

Level 0 is the lowest level of restrictions in Scotland, however under the guidelines people are still required to wear face coverings in certain settings, including retail and public transport. 

Will rule on face coverings end on August 9? 

The proposed date for lifting all remaining restrictions in Scotland is August 9.

However, so far the Scottish Government has said that there will remain an "ongoing need" for face coverings after this date, with decisions on "baseline" measures still "under review" in Scotland. 

It is likely that wearing face coverings in shops and on public transport will continue to be compulsary where possible, having become a legal requirement last July. 

Are the rules on face coverings changing in England? 

The Conservative Government in England is planning to lift all remaining restrictions on July 19, referred to as "Terminus Day". 

This includes the wearing of facemasks, as according to Robert Jenrick who told Sky News that he would be abandoning his face covering after July 19. 

Mr Jenrick has also confirmed that he would no longer wear a facemask, saying "I don't particularly want to wear a mask. I don't think people enjoy doing it."

He also told the BBC that Westminster "wanted the whole of the union to move as one."

"We are going to work with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to try and be as co-ordinated as possible."