East Renfrewshire is “unlikely” to move down a level on June 28, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

A more substantial review next week, however, will consider whether any changes to lockdown restrictions in Scotland are possible from this date onwards.

It had previously been hoped the whole country would move down to level zero on June 28.

However, she said it was likely the move would be "paused" as there was a continuing rise in cases and in people being admitted to hospital.

She said: "Emerging evidence needs close analysis. We need time to get more people vaccinated with both doses."

East Renfrewshire is currently in level two and most of the rest of Scotland is currently in either level one or two.

Shetland, Orkney, the Western Isles and some of the smaller islands have been in level zero since June 5.

There is a still a significant proportion of the population that is not fully vaccinated and the First Minister added that this remains our “biggest vulnerability at this stage”.

Cases have risen by more than one fifth in the past week and they are now more than five times higher than the situation in early May.

This reflects the fact that the faster transmitting Delta Variant is now common across Scotland and accounts for the overwhelming majority of new cases being reported.

The number of people being admitted to hospital with Covid, however, has fallen from around 10% of reported positive cases at the start of the year, to around 5% now.

According to Ms Sturgeon all the evidence so far “suggests that while it hasn’t been completely broken, vaccinations are weakening the link between the rise in new cases and the rise in hospitalisations and serious illness”.