Schoolchildren served up community spirit as they delivered lunches to hungry residents in their village.

Pupils from Uplawmoor Primary spent Friday dropping off soup, sandwiches and home-baked goodies to 120 ‘covers’ who had placed an order.

With their normal outward-bound week at Lockerbie Manor cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, it was all part of an effort by the primary seven pupils to generate funds for an activity week at school and a day out at Lapwing Lodge outdoor centre.

Orders were taken in advance from residents in the village, including younger pupils at the school, with the fundraising effort generating almost £800.

Event organiser Bessie McQuaker, whose son Brodie is in the P7 class, told the Barrhead News: “It went like clockwork and people have said it was really lovely.

“There were a lot of comments that the children were very polite and charmed the villagers.

“One household who had ordered had arranged all of the sandwiches and cakes onto lovely cake stands and had afternoon tea with their grandparents in the garden, so they were delighted.

“The money we’ve raised covers almost the entire cost of the activity week, so it’s a real help to parents and I think the children really enjoyed the day.”

The event was a twist on the busy soup kitchen based at Caldwell Parish Church and is popular with people from different generations.

Due to Covid, this has been cancelled in recent times but last week’s delivery service allowed the idea to be revived for a day.

The P7s delivered the items, assisted by headteacher Fiona McKay and other staff, and the whole operation was a real community effort.

The soups were made by villagers Lesley Gibson, Linda McCann, Jan Houston, Gail James and Anne Patterson, while Bessie’s friend Alison Pollok helped her and Lesley get the orders ready.

Anne also helped to make the sandwiches, along with the P7 mums, who also produced the home-baking.

Mum-of-two Bessie said: “A lot of older folk in the village have really missed having the soup kitchen for social interaction, so the main thing was to get those connections going again because people have been isolated.”

Chris Blackwell, business support assistant at Uplawmoor Primary, added: “A big thank-you goes to everyone who supported the event, ordered and made a donation.”

Bessie was the driving force behind it and we had help from ladies in the village who made soup.

“It was really well received by everyone in the community and the P7s did really well."