Staff at a Barrhead care home are urging the community to rally round and make life a bit brighter for residents there.

A sensory room is being created at Norwood Nursing Home, in Victoria Road, which is run by Advinia Healthcare.

And the team are keen to hear from anyone who is able to donate items that will help to improve the quality of life for residents who have dementia.

Hazel Easton, activities co-ordinator at Norwood Nursing Home, told the Barrhead News: “I recently joined the team and we need a lot of new resources, especially for our residents who have more advanced dementia.

“We don’t have a lot of things like fidget spinners that would really benefit our residents. We know that children were really into them not that long ago. If they have now got bored of them or if people are having a clearout, it would be great if those could be donated to us.

“A knitting group has been in contact with us to make fidget muffs, which are really great for those with dementia, so if there’s anyone who could help make them too, it would be amazing.

“Having these things donated really does benefit our residents – it keeps them busy and gives them something to do that is very tactile.

“It is also very good for the dexterity in their hands, as it keeps their joints moving and helps with their blood flow. It enhances their wellbeing.”

As well as fidget toys and sensory objects, 23-year-old Hazel hopes to receive donations of ‘comfort dolls’ for those in her care who are living with dementia.

“The comfort dolls benefit our residents with dementia as these give them a sense of companionship,” she added. “They also remind them of the time when they were taking care of their own babies.

“Having a doll like that can give people with dementia a sense of purpose, rather than just sitting in their room or feeling lonely.”

“When you see them with their comfort dolls, it is so lovely because they do treat them like their own child.”

Anyone who would like to help is asked to call the Norwood team on 0141 880 8669 or go online at Norwood Nursing Home.