FUNDING will be targeted at improving East Renfrewshire’s unclassified roads after a survey found many require “significant” work.

The roads – which make up 80% of the network – are the focus of a maintenance programme for this financial year.

A condition survey found 40% of unclassified roads in East Renfrewshire should be considered for treatment.

“Considerable achievements” on the classified network are “being overshadowed by the figures for the unclassified network”, a council report states.

It has been recognised that unclassified roads “require significant works”.

East Renfrewshire Council’s road network is ranked 21st out of Scotland’s 32 local authorities.

The most recent road condition survey, in 2020, found the area’s A class roads are second – down from number one in 2018 and 2019.

Both B and C class roads are better than the national average, but over 40% of unclassified roads “should be considered for maintenance treatment”.

In February 2019, the council committed an extra £15m for roads infrastructure over five years – with £3m per year starting from 2019/20.

“The proposals for the majority of the additional £3m allocation for 2021/22 has been directed towards these types of roads,” the council report adds.

The report claims there is a “time lag” between funding being approved and schemes being implemented “which has been further exacerbated by coronavirus”.

“It is therefore to be expected that any additional major investment will take time to work through the roads surveying and monitoring system and improve the council’s position.”

Construction industry delays due to Covid-19 delayed the delivery of the 2020/21 programme and some work has been deferred to 2021/22.

The roads selected for maintenance are decided on: the structural condition; level of usage; cost of maintenance in previous years; the number of complaints received; and geographical spread.

Roads listed for work in 2021/22:

B773 Darnley Road & Dovecothall R’about, Barrhead

B775 Gleniffer Road (Old Barn Jct)

Ralston Road, Barrhead

Colinbar Circle, Barrhead

Park Avenue, Barrhead

Rockmount Avenue, Barrhead

Cogan Street, Barrhead

Robertson Street, Barrhead

Patterton Drive, Barrhead

Craigton Drive, Barrhead

Ochil Drive, Barrhead

Hillside Road, Barrhead

Cheviot Avenue, Barrhead

Fintry Crescent, Barrhead

Hillside Road, Neilston

Bank Street, Neilston

Manse Road, Neilston

Holehouse Terrace, Neilston

Harelaw Road, Neilston

Glen Mark Road, Neilston

Bulloch Avenue, Giffnock

Evan Drive, Giffnock

Hathaway Drive, Giffnock

Stratton Drive, Giffnock

Penrith Avenue, Giffnock

Ruthven Avenue, Giffnock

Douglas Avenue, Giffnock

Vardar Avenue, Clarkston

Hillview Place, Clarkston

Lothian Drive, Clarkston

Moray Drive, Clarkston

Benview Road (Seres Road to A727 Clarkston Toll, Clarkston)

Greenwood Road, Clarkston (Richmond Ave to Eaglesham Rd)

Queensberry Avenue, Clarkston (Greenwood Road to Hillview Drive)

Campsie Gardens, Clarkston

Overlee Road, Clarkston

Linwood Avenue, Clarkston

Rockburn Drive, Clarkston

Richmond Avenue, Clarkston

Broomfield Avenue, Newton Mearns (Castlehill Drive to Castleton Drive)

Sandringham Avenue, Newton Mearns

Broom Road, Newton Mearns

Castleton Grove/Avenue/Gate, Newton Mearns

Fraser Avenue, Newton Mearns

Chisholm Drive, Newton Mearns

Paidmyre Road, Newton Mearns

Newtonlea Avenue, Newton Mearns

Beech Avenue, Newton Mearns

Over Enoch Road, Eaglesham

Park Farm Road, Eaglesham

B764 Eaglesham Moor Road, Eaglesham

Humbie Road, Eaglesham (Floors Rd Rbt to Bonnyton Moor Rd Rbt)

Blackwood Hill Road (The Dunwan Road), Eaglesham

Craighlaw Avenue, Waterfoot

Floors Road, Waterfoot

First Avenue, Netherlee

Gordon Road, Netherlee

The Oval, Stamperland (including Orchy Drive/Gardens)

Footway Resurfacing 

Waulkmill Avenue, Barrhead

Glen Creran Crescent, Neilston  

Glen Falloch Crescent, Neilston 

Moray Drive, Clarkston 

The Oval, Clarkston 

C1 Mearns Road, Clarkston (A727 Busby Road to Flenders Road Part Only) 

Benview Road, Clarkston (Seres Road to A727 Busby Road) 

Lothian Drive, Clarkston 

Rockburn Drive, Clarkston 

Campsie Gardens, Clarkston

Kenmure Road, Newton Mearns 

Sandringham Avenue, Newton Mearns  

Gordon Crescent, Newton Mearns 

Torburn Avenue, Giffnock