A BARRHEAD golf course has again come under attack from teenage arsonists.

In March, we reported how areas of Fereneze Golf Club, in Fereneze Road, had been repeatedly set on fire by groups of booze-fuelled youths.

In the latest incident on Sunday night, a gorse bush next to one of the greens was ignited.

The resulting blaze could be seen for miles around and took firefighters several hours to bring under control.

There was particular concern that the flames would spread to other areas of the course due to recent dry weather.

Fereneze Golf Club captain Bert Holt said five separate fires were started in the gorse bush areas of the course on Sunday night, with one large area particularly well alight.

He added: “One of the fires was next to the third tee and another close to the 17th tee.

“Thankfully, there was no damage to the golf course.

“My biggest concern is that valuable police and fire resources are being wasted tackling blazes on the golf course when they could be better deployed elsewhere.

“It is also very upsetting for our members and there are health and safety concerns for our staff picking up the rubbish which is being left by the same youths.

“We also had a case recently where a group ripped out flowers which had just been planted. It was pointless vandalism.

“Ultimately, it is down to their parents to make sure these things don’t happen.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) added: “We were alerted at 9.31pm on Sunday to reports of grass on fire at Fereneze Golf Club.

“Operations Control mobilised one appliance and firefighters extinguished a gorse fire.

“Crews left the scene after ensuring the area was made safe and there were no reported casualties.”

Large numbers of youths, as young as 14, have been gathering at the golf club at weekends to drink and play music.

However, some have also been setting fire to bushes and other foliage.

In one incident, a wooden bench on one of the fairways was badly damaged after it was set ablaze.

Police are working with the SFRS to tackle the vandalism.

Chief Inspector Alan Gray said: “We would appeal for anyone who was in the area of Fereneze Golf Club on Sunday and saw suspicious behaviour to come forward.

“This type of behaviour is extremely reckless and puts lives at risk, including those of golfers.”