Scottish Water are to alter their bid to build a sewer pump facility on a public greenspace after talks with residents who are opposed to the plans.

An application was submitted to East Renfrewshire Council to construct a kiosk, ventilation column, access lay-by and footpaths at the junction of Braidholm Road and Whitton Drive, in Giffnock.

The proposals aim to end years of external and internal flooding affecting several properties nearby.

Upwards of 50 objections were lodged against the plans, however, over concerns such as the removal of historic trees and the risk concrete access hatches and servicing vehicles would pose to children using it to head to and from school.

Last week, the proposals were withdrawn but a new application will be submitted after it was agreed that some elements could be altered to help protect the greenspace.

These will include the positioning of infrastructure, removing the need for a lay-by and leaving the trees where they are.

A spokeswoman for Scottish Water said: “We reached out to residents who had raised concerns and we have worked with them to identify changes which could be made to reduce the impact while still ensuring it is operationally viable.

“Our priority is to deliver an effective solution that will help tackle the distressing issue of internal flooding for residents and ensure they are removed from the flood risk register.”

The Braidholm Grass campaign group welcomed the changes but said they remain opposed to the plans.

A representative added: “I feel sorry for the people who need work done but this is not the right solution.

“It’s an area that shouldn’t have been considered as it’s a protected greenspace. There will still be a tank in the ground and it will still need to be serviced by heavy vehicles.”

Those affected by the flooding, however, said they are concerned objections will hinder a solution.

Joni White said: “My neighbours and I have suffered years of major flooding to our property, resulting in our gardens being flooded with sewage water, structural damage and having to hire industrial fans for under the house to dry the foundations.

“This has caused us major stress and anxiety and it’s disappointing that a small group is trying to derail work that would relieve this without understanding the full extent of our suffering.”