A PAIR of Barrhead sisters are on a mission to beat lockdown boredom through a fun podcast which has generated an impressive online following.

Molly and Ruby McFarlane reached number seven in the UK podcast trending charts on streaming service Spotify after their first episode, which discussed humorous lockdown stories and reminisced about weird childhood memories.

Their ranking was ahead of the likes of the BBC’s popular The Graham Norton Podcast.
To their amazement, by the time their third instalment was aired, they had racked up 10,000 streams.

The talented siblings have dubbed the show ‘Sistur Sistur,’ to reflect the way they say the word in their Barrhead accent, with a new episode released every Thursday.

Ruby, 21, who studies international business at Strathclyde University, told the Barrhead News: “We thought about it for a while but decided in January to go for it.

“We were just bored and thought why not? We have nothing to lose.

“Not having to get dressed up to record and doing it comfortably from our bedrooms is definitely a bonus.

“We didn’t expect so many people to listen to it every single week. The support has been crazy.

“We thought our friends and family might listen but we are gobsmacked by the amount of interest.

“We have no words. It has come as such a shock.”

Barrhead News:

So far, the duo have covered everything from answering various dilemmas raised by listeners to interviews with social media stars.

They have also provided a funny take on everyday topics such as the mispronunciation of common words.

Molly, 24, said her favourite episode involved a discussion on what it’s like to go through a break-up and how to deal with it, while Ruby’s top show focused on embarrassing stories.

The sisters, who say they “get on like a house on fire,” believe the key to their success is a light-hearted approach, both in terms of their relationship and the topics they cover.

“Ruby is genuinely the only person in the world I could do this with,” explained Molly, who works full-time as a YouTuber and Instagrammer, as well as making the podcast.

“I think our relationship is probably relatable to lots of best friends out there.

“Heartbreak Hotel is probably my favourite episode, as it was just a personal one that blew up, connecting to so many people in the exact same position.

“Ideally, we’d like to keep doing the show for as long as possible and just hope people will keep listening.”

The show is available to stream online through platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.