A NEILSTON man has found fame online after sharing artwork he created using a typewriter.

Robert Barr, 36, started posting videos on social media platform TikTok three weeks ago and now has more than 9,000 followers and in excess of 320,000 views.

Among his impressive artwork is an intricate drawing of Paisley Town Hall which took four hours to create using his US-made pre-1955 Remington Quiet-Riter.

Barrhead News:

Robert, who has been making a living by selling graphite pet portraits for the past three years, told the Barrhead News: “I got a typewriter because my handwriting is dreadful.

“I swapped a drawing with someone for a typewriter. I’ve had it for about a year and I kept thinking ‘I can probably draw with that,’ so I started doing it a couple of months ago.”

While many people have been checking out Robert’s page for his artistic skills, there is another reason why his videos are proving so popular.

He explained: “When I upload them to TikTok, I speed it up so it makes a clicking noise. Everybody says it sounds amazing.

“I didn’t know the sound would be part of the attraction.”

Barrhead News:

Despite the success of his latest venture, Robert is keen to continue his pet portrait work, with plans to turn the business into a charity fundraiser.

The artist, who is mostly self-taught, sells his portraits on his Facebook page and hopes to cash in through donations made via the platform’s new supporter function.

Those who pledge to Robert’s page will be able to pick a charity which will be added to a list. He will then make his way down this list by donating vouchers to several organisations at a time who can then raffle these off and raise funds.

Whoever wins the vouchers can send him a picture of their pet, which he will draw for free.

He added: “The charities will be looking to double the amount (the drawings are worth) from raffle ticket sales.

“It’s about making people’s charity donations go further. With enough supporters, I could donate six drawings a week, so there is massive fundraising potential.”

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