Health chiefs have produced a new resource to support people who are recovering from coronavirus.

The online package has been created by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) to help those who are still suffering symptoms months after contracting the disease – a condition known as ‘long Covid.’

Around 60,000 coronavirus cases have been recorded within Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which covers Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire, since the pandemic began.

Members of NHSGGC’s physiotherapy and occupational therapy teams have developed the new resource by focusing on what they have learned from helping people recover at home and in hospital.

Common symptoms experienced by those who have struggled to shake off Covid-19 can include fatigue and breathlessness.

The website offers advice on managing these symptoms, as well as exercise programmes that can be followed.

Lynn Glen, one of the NHSGGC physiotherapists, said: “The lingering effects of Covid-19 can vary from person to person. We’ve had younger and older patients admitted to wards and intensive care units, some dealing with debilitating fatigue and breathlessness for months after being diagnosed, requiring rehab and physio input.

The length of time recovering from Covid-19 can also vary, so we had to find a way to support people at home.

“We wanted to help people get back on their feet, gain knowledge about the virus, learn how to manage their symptoms and ultimately recover with this resource.”

Lynn also said the impact of Covid on mental health shouldn’t be overlooked, adding that the website offers support through relaxation techniques and advice on how to sleep well.

There are also resources for patients with the most severe symptoms who have spent time in intensive care.

Lynn said: “The impact of prolonged ventilation and admission to an ICU can have severe affects on the body, as well as the mind.”

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