A BARRHEAD charity is encouraging people to take part in a ‘Well Walk’ as part of efforts to banish the lockdown blues.

The team at Include Me 2 Club (IM2C), based in the town’s Main Street, launched the new initiative to help people improve their physical and mental wellbeing during current restrictions.

Every week, the charity maps out a number of walking routes in local areas and creates an activity sheet for people of all ages to follow.

Paul McIlvenny, chair of IM2C, told the Barrhead News: “Our Well Warriors and Well Walk programmes are all about positive mental health and building networks, support structures and staying healthy.

“Over the past year, so many of our members and communities have had to adjust to new challenges, barriers and obstacles – shifting from physical to digital, from included to excluded, from being happier to isolation and so much more.

“We know from experience that some days, weeks, months, years and, sadly, even life can be a battle with your feelings, emotions and thoughts and a battle to overcome the stresses and strains with all that is going on.”

Barrhead News: IM2C sessional worker Chloe YardleyIM2C sessional worker Chloe Yardley

IM2C is running the two initiatives side by side, with the Well Warriors project bringing weekly activities for all ages to promote positive mental health and tackle isolation.

Many of the charity’s staff, volunteers and members have been getting involved, including 26-year-old Andrew, who recently visited Barrhead’s Dams to Darnley route for a walk with other IM2C members.

He believes going for a socially-distanced stroll has helped him focus and feel less alone.

“The Well Walks are really good for getting exercise,” said Andrew.

“It is very important not to let yourself become isolated at home, especially during lockdown restrictions.

“Taking part in these walks means you can see your friends from a social distance and also interact with others along the way.

“I hope more people get involved.”

Barrhead News: Enjoying a Well Walk at Pollok Park before lockdownEnjoying a Well Walk at Pollok Park before lockdown

To join in, visit IM2C’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/includeme2club or go online at www.includeme2club.org.uk.